Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Winter of Our Discontent

I spent this afternoon watching this. I have spent the last 3+ years of my life studying history, politics, empire building; the exact same things that Ms. Wolf is talking about are the things that I have come to find yet before today I did not know who she was. I cannot put into words how completely I agree with her investigations.

Then just before going to bed this evening I came across this article:

Nuclear submarine commander removed
By CHELSEA J. CARTER, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 17 minutes ago

The commanding officer of the nuclear-powered submarine USS Hampton was relieved of his duty Thursday because of a loss of confidence in his leadership, the Navy said. Cmdr. Michael B. Portland was relieved of duty after a U.S. Navy investigation found the ship failed to do daily safety checks on its nuclear reactor for a month and falsified records to cover up the omission. "His oversight of the crew's performance did not identify these issues" on his own, Navy Lt. Alli Myrick, a public affairs officer, told The Associated Press. Portland's commanders identified the problems during a routine review, she said. It appears from a preliminary investigation on the Hampton that sailors in Submarine Squadron 11 had skipped the required analysis of the chemical and radiological properties of the submarine's reactor for more than a month, even though a daily check is required. The Hampton, a Los Angeles Class submarine assigned to Submarine Squadron Eleven, is the most advanced nuclear attack submarine in the world, carrying a torpedo, cruise missile, and mine-laying arsenal, according to information on the Navy's Web site. The submarine is docked in San Diego. Portland's dismissal as commander is effective immediately. Myrick said Portland will be temporarily assigned to squadron duty and the Hampton will not conduct operations until the Navy can confirm the operational standards have been met. Myrick said at no time was the submarine conducting unsafe operations. "He has not been charged with any offense nor has he received non-judicial punishment," Myrick said. There was no phone listing for Portland in San Diego, and the Navy did not immediately respond to an AP interview request. Portland's removal comes after officials also discovered that logs on the Hampton had been filled out to make it appear the daily checks of the reactor water had actually been done. Other members of the squadron discovered the lapse during a routine examination required as part of the redundancy built into the system so problems are caught. The examination was done as the submarine was nearing the end of a West Pacific deployment that concluded Sept. 17. The investigation was first reported in Monday's edition of Navy Times newspaper, which quoted an unidentified source as saying that failing to measure and maintain the correct water chemistry in the reactor over the long-term could cause corrosion in the propulsion system. The reported problems with procedures and record keeping in the Navy squadron follows an incident in August when a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and flown to a Louisiana base. The mission from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota was to ferry cruise missiles that had been slated for decommissioning but the warheads were supposed to have been removed beforehand. The Air Force disciplined some 70 airmen. Portland is the fourth commanding officer of a submarine to be relieved of duty this year. The other three, who were relieved for various unrelated actions, were: Cmdr. Edwin Ruff of the USS Minneapolis St. Paul, Cmdr. Matthew Weingart of the USS Newport News and Cmdr. William Schwalm of the USS Helena. Portland will be replaced by Cmdr. William J. Houston, who previously was assigned as a special assistant to the Director of the Naval Reactors.

This is happening right now people. ALL of the necessary tools are already in place to bring about the 'blitzkrieg' of fascism taking over. These men were relieved of their positions because 'they refused to push the button' when the command was given to them. They can print whatever makes them feel comfortable about their actions, but the truth is they were not 'playing ball' just like Joe Wilson and the Niger document. How many times do we have to see the identical events before we wake up and catch on?

Do we really comprehend at what threshold we stand on? Do the 'mainstream christian movement' actually believe that the one they follow is the Messiah? Every Bible I've ever picked up and read said Jesus came with a message of LOVE! LOVE was the final 'new command' that HE gave to them. Can they really believe that this is the 'will of "god"'? With all of the fantastic information provided by this woman she doesn't touch the subject of religions influence and the ramifications of the misguided policy of the Ministers of Yes that guide the spiritual hearts of the great majority of Americans.

Her conclusion about Giuliani is correct. Mukasey's appointment is just a matter of formalities. Podhoretz's position on his foreign relations team is no coincidence. The man has already come out and said he is against the formation of a nation of Palestine and that he would support nuclear attacks on Iran. He's saying all the 'right' things and claiming America supports him Giuliani WILL be appointed the next president of the United States....or what's left of it. All of the men needed for his usurpation are being put into place to inaugurate the next 'evolution'. What is getting ready to happen to America and around the globe is unlike anything seen for a very long time. The magnitude and scope of it are truly frightening in their prospects. After all dictators love 'elections', they make them look like the people actually support their agenda. The next clip even goes so far as to give us a glimpse of what has happened to the 'democratic' system that used to exist in America at one time.

I know that the last thing most people want to hear at a time like this is the Biblical implications of the events that are getting ready to take place. EVERYTHING that is happening has been foretold by the prophets and their examples are unmistakable. I hope that anyone that might be reading this would look to the truth of the teachings of Scripture, whether they be the Torah, the Qur'an or the New Testament. Obey HIS teachings and follow in HIS way because the truth is the ONE TRUE GOD is recognized in all three faiths but there is only one way to become a 'child of GOD' and that is through obedience.

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