Thursday, May 08, 2008

Messages of Hatred

I have, in the past few weeks been able to attend a couple of the John Hagee World Hate Tour shows a.k.a. the 'Night to Honor Izrael'.

There are so many things wrong with this movement on so many different levels. It is hard to believe that it has caused such a great number of people to wander aimlessly into the wasteland of death. I cannot understand how people that claim such a merciful and just Savior refuse to practice the tenet of their faith. Please do not think that I am singling out 'Christianity' because if we look at the 'radical elements' of every faith we see a carbon copy or blueprint of similar behavior.

My first excursion was to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit Victory Church under the tutelage of Billy Joe Daugherty. This being my first experience I came simply as an observer. I don't think that it is good practice to make statements without first doing the footwork or research to back up those claims. Having spent a great deal of the last 4 years studying Zionism, Christianity, American policy and politics I have learned far more than I had ever planned on learning about them.

I would have to say that the most disturbing event of the evening was the 30 minute hate-palooza I witnessed in Mr. Hagee's speech. I can't rightly classify it as a sermon because it did not have any of the points of an 'inspirational message'. If I were to describe it I would have to say that it fell somewhere between a 'state-of-the union' and a 'pep rally' from hell. All the buzz words and phrases were there. The Ahmadinejad-Hitler bomb was dropped within the first 3 minutes of the hatefest. People screaming and gyrating, waving flags and pumping their fists were startlingly reminiscent of Nationalistic Socialism during the 1930's in Germany and the photos and clips I have seen of Nazi Germany's rise. Why can they not see the similarities? Is that part of the phenomena of 'hypnosis' of the masses, psychoses on an unimaginable scale?

I left with a sense of awe that such a 'doctrine from the pits of hell' could be so enthusiastically embraced by such a magnitude of people.

Last weekend I traveled to Branson, Missouri. Wonderful vacation spot is you enjoy that type of entertainment. Beautiful country. This time I was armed with a flyer that I had printed out and some of Riad's bumper stickers. Still not sure how to approach this I meekly wound up putting the flyers on about 50 cars. I really want to address the people but I'm not sure what to say or how they will react. Hagee has done such a masterful job of convincing these people of this delusion that any attempt to educate them would most likely be deemed a form of 'terrorist mind control'.

I have to wonder, at least to myself, if there is a way to confront this monster. Time is clearly running out to make the declaration as to which side you will be standing on when the bombs start dropping. The people of Iran are in deadly danger from the United States and the Zionist element of Israel. Mr. Hagge, Rod Parsley, the Hagins, the Roberts', Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, and Jesse Duplantis are among those that are obedient servants of Zionism. Sad to think of how many people they are leading astray with their teachings.

Anyway here is the text of the flyer I handed out and will most likely use in future efforts to try to get people to open up their eyes. Please feel free to use it if you like.

Putting Israel in Perspective

I would like to ask you to take just a few minutes to consider the information you are about to read. Please read it in its entirety, if you would like to research it further I encourage you to do so.

Much of what we see going on today is the agendas’ of men being carried out and an attempt to legitimize their actions by claiming to represent God or “God‘s will“. We ought to be careful in doctrines that oppose the teachings of Jesus and the nature of God.

If we assign to the Creator anything that does not reflect His nature then we are not doing justice to the position of ‘child of God’. As a parent do we not bring children up to share the beliefs we hold as individuals? And that child brings us great joy when we see that behavior manifested.

We dare not imagine that having the attitude of, “Do as I say, not as I do.” will resolve anything. If we are not good examples to our children they grow up rebellious and defiant.

If we direct our attention to the teaching of ‘the Prodigal Son’ we see that Jesus says that the true repentance of the child brought great joy to the father. Is it not written that God is, ’not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance’? The foolish child set his own desires above those of the father; he also pursued the distractions until he had completely exhausted his ‘inheritance’.

We ought to also look at the historical precedence of biblical information. If we look at how God dealt with disobedience through the Bible we will find that He has dealt with it severely yet had great mercy on those that repented from their disobedience. Look at the severity of judgment against King Saul yet the degree of mercy received by Saul of Tarsus. Both relationships are defined by the right relationship they held with God/ Jesus and the outcome of both reflected their obedience to the same.

If we look at the story of David and Goliath, David triumphed because Goliath boasted in the power of his ‘god’ over the true nature of the Creator. David’s victory was a result of obedience in a right relationship DESPITE the fact that Saul has already ceased to operate as king of Israel as a consequence to his disobedience. Saul/ Paul found mercy DESPITE the fact that he fervently sought to execute all who observed the teachings of Christ.

“Zionism” is purported to be , “the national aspiration for a Jewish homeland”, but in fact it is in direct opposition and disobedience to the revealed nature of God. God expressly says that OBEDIENCE must come first, then His blessing follows. The fruit of these people ought to be most obvious. Isaiah 5 clearly paints a picture of behavior in rebellion to the nature of God.
There was nothing ‘miraculous’ about the creation of a Zionist state, actually it was rather brutal and merciless. Contrary to popular myths Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in peace as neighbors before the advent of Zionist expansion.

Zionism is a political aspiration that serves secular men. How can that define the teachings of Christ or God‘s nature? Christ warned us of men who would appear as sheep but would be ravening wolves underneath. Zionism does not represent the nature of God OR Christ so how can we blindly follow it?

The Palestinian people have dwelt in the land since the time of Christ. If you look at the Samaritans, they were the people that continued to dwell in Judea after the Babylonian Exile. When the temple was rebuilt the Samaritans were ostracized and forbidden from worshipping in Jerusalem. Jesus spoke quite clearly on this matter also.

If we must abandon all the qualities of God’s nature, what will we become? If we do not stand firm on the rock of the teachings of Christ we shall have no other justification for our behavior. Let your voice be heard for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Yet our eyes failed;
Looking for help was useless.
In our watching we have watched
For a nation that could not save us.

Lamentations 4:17


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Have you heard what John Todd said about setting up the John Birch Society and mega-churches with Illuminati money?

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