Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Nightmare Continues

As I write this the racist Zionist terror state has resumed attacking the innocent unarmed population of Gaza. After 30+ days of terror and horror the Israeli war machine has restarted its engines with a fresh supply of weapons and fuel for their vehicles. Not surprisingly the people of Gaza STILL have NO STANDING ARMY, NO TANKS, NO AIRPLANES, NO DRONES, OR WARSHIPS with which to repel the invading occupational forces. The death count passed 2000 during the ceasefire as people returned to dig their family's corpses out of the rubble. Stories of Israeli soldiers committing atrocities are rampant. Graffiti left behind is everywhere. The scars of the racist ideology are not just physical, but mental and their hatred surpasses that of any other group of people in recorded history. As American politicians block all efforts to bring war crime charges against the world's most inhumane people and soldiers the American people are either entertained or distracted.

Events in Ferguson, MO., where another unarmed black youth was shot dead in the street and left for hours has been cause for protests. Among the police force are 2 departments that received extensive training in and by Israeli 'crowd control specialists'. Last night there was another 'protest zone' established as if there are limits to what one can say and do and think about the injustice that is rampant around the globe. There is plenty of information and evidence to show and make a compelling argument that these injustices and acts of terrorism are related to the agenda of men that wish to turn the world into a bloodbath. Race, color and culture cannot be used as excuses for this behavior. The people suffering and being reduced to poverty and beggary are good people that are being failed by the system they erroneously support. If I told you you vote meant absolutely nothing and had no power to change the conditions you lived in or being forced on you, would you continue to participate? If you found out your beloved mate was maintaining a relationship with another that they cared more for, would you continue to stand by them? People the men that constitute the US government ARE NOT representing you or your interests. Their goal is NOT to see you return to a good paying job or even have a future or freedom and pleasantness. They represent the interest of the men that have taken the reins of 'democracy' and turned them into chains of oppression. They have subverted and redefined our words, our understanding, and our world to fit their purposes. Police using the same tear gas used by Israeli occupational forces, used on Americans, made in America. Police arresting and detaining journalists. Threatening peace protesters and being the bully they have been trained to be. Where are the statesmen and leaders that decry such behavior? Obama calls for 'peace instead of hollering', yet not so much as lifts a finger to help the people of Gaza. Sends weapons and food and water to Iraqis being threatened by American created terrorist group ISIS, yet not a drop of water or compassion for Palestine. How empty are your words Mr. president. How empty is your heart. Filling your mind and the minds of the American people with a fake type of empathy, a meaningless call to reason. This is not my country. These are not my people. I am surely as homeless as the people of Gaza, but I have a house to live in and I have electricity with which to communicate....for now...The state silences first those that see clearest. I see the chessboard. I am in my opponents head. I see and know his strategy, but he does not know me, although he will respond as all representatives of empire do. My silence can only be purchased at the cost of my life, and that I give in order to be human...completely human.

I have not been a user of social media for long. I saw no use for it and kept my beliefs and feeling to myself. I abandoned this blog because my voice was meaningless. I write now not expecting my words to amount to anything...but I do. I write to communicate the truth of the horrors and terror being committed in my name and those of people around me. Though they remain blind and see it not I will not, I cannot be silent. As the world was shamed into believing they were complicit in the crimes of the Nazis of Germany during WWII so it is in the 21st century. Though the American school system make it part of their curriculum to indoctrinate our youth in misinformation about the root causes and consequences of the genocide and holocaust they claim, they do not teach that the racist ideology employed by Israel and the United States is just as destructive, just as damning. My tweets are censored and I am blocked from posting a lot. Not for lack of service, but something more sinister I suppose. I am not one to subscribe to aliens or bigfoot. I am not a paranoid person. I do what I do proudly and in sight of everyone. I do not hide my meanings or employ double talk by any means. I say that which I see and recall what my experience has taught me. I brush off attacks by ardent Zionists that have been steeped in traditions of racial supremacy and hatred. I expect confrontation from those of a more violent mindset. I do not fear any man, or what can be done to my body. I fear the scars of a conscience revisited by ghosts of words unspoken. Truth unexposed.

I home schooled my children for the most part up until they were in middle school and high school. They entered the public school system with exemplary grades. This will be their 3rd year in public schools and I was unfamiliar with what they would do or what they would cover. It has become my intention to exempt my children from classes that they use to teach about the holocaust until such time that they introduce that CAUSE of said holocausts and address the rampant racist ideology that make EVERY holocaust a crime against humanity. We see with open eyes the blatant disregard for human life in Israel. We see clearly the consequence of sheltering and supporting a global bully. There is no better example of the gross immorality that has become Israel and its believers and supporters. Is this really the 'American values' that made America so great? Is this behavior indicative of what America represents? America is still looked at with admiration and hope. Is that admiration and hope misplaced? Do those people that hold America is such high esteem really know what is going on and how it is being done in the American people's name, yet has nothing to do with them?

There is no time right now to post pictures to go along with my entry but rest assured, after having my account hijacked and almost lost I will not be deterred. I am working on a presentation that I hope sets the record straight. One that gives the people the information that they need to form their opinions and a factual base with which to make decisions for the present and immediate future. Events are happening quickly. There are American funded terrorist groups operating in Iraq and American citizen assisting in the genocide taking place in Gaza. Riots in the streets of St. Louis. Blockades of docking Israeli boats. Slaughters in the Ukraine whose source of terror is no different than anywhere else in the world. Central bankers and multinationals and the governments that represent them. Why is it that America tracks and arrests people that try to counter the lies and disinformation, and labels them terrorists while supporting or doing nothing about people taking up arms against civilians in Gaza? Open your eyes people. There is a holocaust on the horizon and it was put there by the men you believe represent you and whom you believe your 'vote' elects.

There once was a child that used to be
they had a dream like you and me,
of freedom and peace and long life ahead
that child is gone, that child is dead
Through years of oppression and dreams dashed on rock
they abandoned their hope believing all is lost
No one seemed to listen
No one seemed to hear
The cries of the child who grew up in fear
The child is a man and no closer today
to the dreams of his youth, taken away
The child he still smiles, the glint in his eyes still shines
but will the world ever hear the voice of the children in Palestine?

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