Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Common Sense in the Age of Insanity

3 days since my last post and the violent aggression against the Palestinians and Lebanese has not waned or ceased. Doctors in Lebanon report the smell of phosphorus on victims of 'Israeli' attacks yet the military denies such allegations. Much in the same way they denied the deliberate shelling of the Palestinian family picnicking on the beach in Gaza, until physical evidence of the shell proved they had been caught in yet another lie. The silence of the American people is deafening.

Please explain to me how the Bush regime can so proudly tout its 'coalition of the willing' in the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, proclaiming 'democracy and freedom' are being brought to these places yet.....
is the 'democracy and freedom' any better than that which they enjoyed previous to America's invasion?
does it meet the needs of its population any better than its needs were met prior to the American occupation?
How is it that only 6(SIX) American senators VOTED AGAINST THE MILITARY AGGRESSION OF 'Israel'?
How out of 192 countries that comprise the United Nations ONLY 3(THREE) opposed the RESOLUTIONS for an immediate cessation of violence on 'Israels' part?
It would seem that the ONLY 'coalition' England, 'Israel', and the United States are willing to 'listen' to are those that are in alignment with their foreign policy, which for all intents and purposes IS DETERMINED BY ZIONISTS working within the United States government and by agents of the 'state' itself.

I have become more keenly aware of what is expected of the American population and the 'conservative "christian" movement'. I would like to share a perception that has recently come to mind. On the front page of MSN it carried a clickable link that said,"9 million refugee children. Find out how YOU can help."http://http://www.ninemillion.org/

It came to my realization that MONEY is the LAST THING these children 'need'. Food and shelter although beneficial to their existence is NOT what these children 'need'. What these children NEED is for American churchgoers that claim to be 'Christians' to stand up and make their voices heard! What these children need if for the 329 MILLION people to say STOP! Destabilizing these nations! STOP stealing their resources! STOP OPPRESSING their populations and installing governments sympathetic to US/'Israel' goals!

Currently the crisis in Sudan has been going on for 3 years(? it seems much longer). The Janjaweed, supplied and supported covertly by American interests are driving the indigenous populations off of their ancestral homes so that they may acquire the land to develop it for petroleum production purposes. It has caused in excess of 1.3 MILLION deaths since its inception, which outdistances the deaths caused as a result of the Rwandan genocide although they took place in a much shorter time-frame. IF Americans stood up in the streets, in their churches, in Washington DC and DEMANDED the cessation of these practices and the restoration of the people THAT would be a step in the right direction! We have been made to believe that simply by 'giving' of our wealth we can 'help' or 'satisfy' the needs of our neighbors and other human beings. MONEY IS NOT the answer to the problems we currently face. Greed and oppression and racism, particularly Zionism and 'Americanism' as being superior elitist ideological 'races'. These atrocities are occurring with increasing frequency and they ALL have ONE source.

We as a singular entity need to awaken to the realization that humanity has an enemy and that that enemy is NOT a 'friend'. As the world is divided by the religions and their doctrines and the majority of people either view 'religion' as a cause for hatred or a pariah that true adoration and worship of the Creator has been subverted to idolatry, a man-made image in which to attribute their 'blessings or permission' to oppress and subjugate the various cultures of the world. Satan is an enemy of mankind and seeks to divide and destroy all that GOD has created. If GOD has called Abraham's seed through Ishmael to serve HIS purposes then who am I to oppose HIM? If HE is the ONLY judge then I am determined to defer to HIM even my desire to avenge or revenge wrongs done unto me.

Have to run for now, the joys of parenthood:)

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