Saturday, July 29, 2006

Priests of an UNholy temple

Blessing their idol

Worshiping their idols

Rejoicing at the work of their idol

The sacrifices to their 'god'

These are the priests of the followers of Zionism. They are dedicated to worshiping their 'god' which is NOT THE GOD of Creation. He is an idol that steals, kills and destroys. He is the father of lies, the truth has NEVER been IN him and he has never known what the truth is. He breaks all of the commands of the Creator and in his pride exalts himself above all that is holy. These are the instruments of his limited power for to kill the body is easy but their JUDGE shall destroy the body and soul in HIS righteous judgement. They do not know humility or piety. They are unfamiliar with compassion or execution of justice. They are aliens to mercy and have no comprehension of holiness. They surrender their members to all that is perverse and obscene. They fill their hearts and minds with all manner of wickedness and their sin knows no bounds. Their appetite is to consume and destroy all of GOD's creation because they hate GOD and all that HE stands for.

Above all things HE is merciful and desires that ALL men come to REPENTANCE and submit to obedience to HIS word and will. There is still time left to change one's mind about their life, to stop resisting and opposing the Creator and agree with HIM.

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