Saturday, July 22, 2006

For some time now.....

I can't remember exactly when it began but I can see where I am right now. It started off with a desire to see and know the truth. Truth as it REALLY is not as we are 'told' it is. The difference between the perceived reality and REALITY is the difference between darkness and light, ignorance and education.

How do you describe the color brown to a blind man? How can you relate the beauty of music to someone who is deaf? How do you help someone see the truth that refuses to see the lie?

As we have walked away from accountability of our deeds to our fellow man we isolate ourselves from the truth. We can never obtain peace in a world where hate and greed are the determining and driving factors to our daily existence. As Christ so eloquently taught if you wish to receive learn to give.

I was born and live in America but that doesn't make me an 'American'. If being 'American' means merely associating oneself with the actions and beliefs of a country then I am indeed NOT an American. I am ashamed of the actions and deeds of this country I live in. I am frustrated because even though I have contacted my government numerous times to express my disagreement with the direction that even they are being led, they ignore what is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. I am no more an 'American' than I am a 'christian'. What can that possibly mean you may ask. Well let me put this as clearly and succinctly as possible. If 'mainstream conservative Christianity' is reflective of the nature and values of the church then they live in darkness and are ignorant of the light and truth. They associate themselves with a group of ideals and beliefs that are harmful to mankind and detrimental to their growth while rejecting the teachings and example of the one they claim to belong to. If the church can turn their faces from wickedness such as rape, torture, and murder, if they can support corruption and greed, if they seek only to preserve themselves as their neighbors are hunted and killed like animals then what assurance do they have that their lives shall be 'saved'? In John 15:10,14 Jesus Himself said,"IF you OBEY my commands, you will remain in my love..." and "You are my friend if you DO what I command." How can people that call themselves by His name NOT obey and walk with Him and expect to find salvation? Salvation is a gift from the Lord towards those that are obedient to His word and commands.

If, on the other hand they speak up and let their voice be heard to oppose the wickedness and evil of such men then what shall be their reward? The teachings of Christ give us first hand information of how we should model our lives. If we allow 'Christ to increase and I must decrease' to transform us we have the unparalleled opportunity to effect REAL CHANGE not just in ourselves but the world we live in. How else can we grasp this mystery unless we completely dispose of what we have perceived as the 'truth' that has been taught to us from youth? Education in America is not intended to educate but to indoctrinate to a political agenda and a mentality whose roots are a nationalistic ideology that is nothing less than entirely contradictory of the teachings of the one we claim to follow. It ignores the injustice and oppression that is woven into American history and completely erases it and replaces it with warm fuzzy info bytes that serve no purpose but to distract from the truth.

Muslims are not the enemy as we have been told. The wicked deeds of men committed in darkness, as if they could not be seen, are. If a government uses lies and deception to convince its citizens does that justify their actions? If they create an enemy to evoke a response of hatred from the population does that hatred have the ability to bring 'peace'? No bad tree can produce good fruit. All branches that do not produce fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire. Now is a time of testing when everything that can be shaken will. I will cover some very sensitive subjects. I expect some will resort to name calling and threats but it is nothing I have not previously encountered. See the truth, actively pursue it with zeal. Do not accept at face value those that are well versed in deception and misleading for they shall receive a reward also. One which was not meant for man.

Well enough for now life beckons.

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