Wednesday, August 09, 2006

'Christianity' decieved

A few days ago I came across some information about Cyrus Schofield who is the 'author' of the Scofield 'bible'. At first I was cautious, that is until I had the chance to investigate it more thoroughly. Much of the information is as controversial but that really means nothing when the goal is truth.

It would seem, according to this link that he was quite a person. Married and having 2 daughters in Kansas that he abandoned, divorced, and later jailed for stealing his ex-wife's mother's life savings of $1300. It also mentions something I find of particular intrest in context to statements I will make later.

"His behind-the-scenes handlers saw to it that his swindles and schemes were swept under the rug and that only a positive image of him was promoted, especially an exaggeration of his Biblical knowledge and wisdom. Men like 33rd degree Freemason George Bannerman Dealey owner of the Dallas Morning News and member of Scofield’s church contributed greatly to the cause."

I find it highly suspicious that George Dealy was a member of Scofield's 'church'. The plaza on which JFK was assassinated was Dealy Plaza. It was not only named after the George Dealy named above but it also commemorated the first masonic lodge in Dallas, of which Dealy was also a member. Kennedy's assassination was fomented by the powers behind the 'Federal Reserve' because Kennedy threatened to expose them and take away their ability to mint America's money. The passage of Presidential Executive Order 11,110 which was rescinded upon Kennedy's death shows that something was being covered up. The 'powers' behind Scofield and the 'Federal Reserve' are one and the same and they don't like the infringement of that 'power'. Now there do exist sites that claim to debunk this information as 'conspiratorial theories' but it has always been my estimation that a 'theory' ceases to be a theory when substantial proof to the authenticity exists. That information will immediately be discounted and attack by the opposition but if you follow the money and actions to the people that are benefited you will find the guilty party. There are some very dark things at work in American history. Moving on.....

This site does a great deal in exposing the 'powers' behind Scofield and the influence that they had and used as advantageously as possible. Samuel Untermeyer was one of the predominant members of the American Zionist movement. He played an integral part in the 18th Zionist Congress which refused to lend credence to the attempted boycott of Germany because it would, in the long term be disadvantageous to the Transfer Agreement that the Zionists had ironed out with the Nazis.

All of these events taken individually may seem meaningless, but there are so many 'threads' that make up the common cloth I find it hard to accept that this is complete coincidence. Benjamin Freedman was a personal acquaintance of these men. He, more than anyone would be able to give us a first hand perspective of these men and their ulterior motives. Read his own words concerning these men. Better yet hear his own words. He lays the groundwork for the information provided here BUT what if he was only aware of part of it? What if the truth were, in fact, even greater than what he has explained? And , of course, there are people that will discount his statements and work. Someone that spends $2+ MILLION dollars of his own money trying to educate people and get the truth out is serious.

People, Zionism like a cancer, has spread and infected every facet of the United States. This is not some fantastical 'Hitleresque' nonsense it is factual and REAL. Some people would like to believe that Zionists are the slave and America is the master but I assure you America is a slave to this perversion. America had a yoke of slavery put on its neck when the 'Federal Reserve' and 'income tax' legislation was enacted and every man, woman, and child is a slave to that system. The ideals of capitalism and consumerism are merely tactics of the same agenda. They have perverted and polluted the world with greed and oppression, their deeds include making death a commodity and weapons of destruction the basis of their economy. Some argue that Zionism did not exist when America was practicing Pax Americana but it did. The aggressive imperialist policy began during the turn of the century and the Spanish-American War. This is neglecting the imperialism practiced in the decimation of the indigenous Indians that occurred from 1492-1898. Even at this juncture of history we can see the emerging zionist element in America and its judicial system and businesses, in the events of Russia's Bolshevik revolution which was funded and undertaken by the Rothschild's agent Jacob Schiff and numerous heads of the revolutionist movement. Prior to the Bolshevik revolution freedom of religious expression existed in Russia. Afterwards there was only one religion allowed, state supported churches.

Many people want to see something at work in the world BESIDES the fulfillment of GOD's purposes. "Evolution" and advancements are euphemisms for rejecting the truth. Most people take a less dramatic outlook at our society and culture relegating it to 'power struggles' and anomalous behavior. There is something far more base than even these pretenses. Light and darkness, good and evil. We are ALL agents of truth, lies, or the indifferent. The 'church' has been led astray by the self same element that is responsible for as much as 90% of the oppression taking place in the world today. The very structure they stand on and the beliefs they hold are a result of an intentional deception. They are made to believe that their 'generosity' to donate money to worthwhile causes will bring about the end of poverty and suffering and that there is no need for them to speak out against these people that cause the suffering. They are made to believe as long as they practice this type of 'Christianity' that their 'savior' will come and whisk them away to paradise to be with 'him' forever. HOW PERVERSE! HOW HYPOCRITICAL! Surely common sense would tell them that such ideologies are straight from the pit of hell. Surely there is a more accurate representation of the love and mercy of a Christ that came to Earth at the behest of HIS Father to reflect the nature of HIS Father and lead those that would believe to the path of salvation.

In prayer I received something that I wish to share with anyone that might be taking the time to read my blog. All of the Old Testament is meant to be a shadow and symbolic of the things that pertain to GOD. The story of Moses is real, the leading of the Hebrew children out of bondage to worship their GOD is true. Moses leading them across the desert was a period of purification for those that would believe in this Creator. When Moses got to Mount Sinai they camped as he went up to recieve the laws of the covenant that would bind them to HIM. As Moses was up on the mountain the unfaithful and wicked talked Aaron into fashioning an idol to worship and attribute to their 'success' in escaping Egypt. Moses came back and you know the rest of the story.

The 'church' has fashioned an idol while awaiting the return of their Messiah. They have allowed themselves to be carried away into abominable idol worship and all manner of evil. Thay have abandoned the truth that was meant for their salvation and when judgement comes there will be such a cry of disappointment and sheer horror such as has never gone out before.

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