Friday, August 04, 2006

Zionist Maneuvers in the Dark

On the brink of the Zionist celebration of Tisha b'Av the Zionists are aggressively posturing towards seizing the Temple Mount, on which lies the Al-Aqsa mosque, the third most holy site to Muslims.

Regarding a report of the 'Israeli' high court issuing a decree allowing the RADICAL Zionist group permission to ascend the Temple Mount this action stands to thrust the Muslim world into an even greater state of outrage.

Police brace for clashes in Jerusalem over shrine visit

Wed Aug 2, 2:53 PM ET
JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israeli Police were bracing for clashes in Jerusalem between Palestinians and Jewish extremists who want to enter Islam's third holiest shrine, the Al-Aqsa mosque compound. On Tuesday, Israel's high court had authorised a request by far-right Jewish activists to enter the compound, which is also revered by Jews as the Temple Mount.
You cannot tell me that this is a 'matter-of-fact' happenstance event. This is a purposeful planned agitation meant to evoke a retaliatory response from the ENTIRE Muslim world as well as the Palestinians.

You might ask yourself, What is Tisha b' Av and what does it have to do with anything?

Tisha b'Av is the day that is celebrated or perhaps mourned as the day in which both the First and Second Temple were destroyed. First by Babylon, then later by Rome it fell on the EXACT same day centuries apart. BOTH times interestingly enough, for their DISOBEDIENCE. Talk about proving history repeats itself.

You can familiarize yourself with the event here.

With such a volatile subject why do you suppose that the media delayed reporting this event?
"We have been blessed with the ability to make this happen. We have been entrusted with the responsibility to see to it that it happens. The days of mourning the destruction of the second Temple have ended. The days of mourning our own lethargy regarding the Third Temple will soon be over. The time has arrived to effect the tikkun - the repair - and to establish the 9th of Av as a day of rejoicing forever. The choice is ours - if only we close ranks, and unite to make it happen."
"Blessed" IS NOT the word that should be used to describe this action. With the help of injecting 'dispensationalism' and the 'rapture' THEORY into the doctrine of 'Christianity' it has helped to deflect a CURSE placed upon the disobedient radical element based on the possession of a state and an army as the means by which to OBTAIN salvation. Based on the CURSES the CREATOR places on the disobedient and rebellious in Dueteronomy 27:15-26 the ONLY way to see this as a 'blessing' is to IGNORE THE TRUTH.

Let's have a look at what the Torah says:
15. Whoever has a carved or metal statue [or perhaps maybe a bomb or DU tipped missile would qualify, HEY it might even look something like the one below], anything disgusting to the LORD that was made by a craftsman, and sets it up in secret will be CURSED.

18. Whoever deprives foreigners, orphans, or widows of justice will be CURSED.
There's more - but you get the point. Not much of a 'blessing' when you aren't following the rules. Number 17 &18 pretty much speaks for themselves.

The ONLY way for Zionist 'Israel' to achieve this perversion is to annihilate the Muslim population in the Middle East and any subsequent 'opposition' that might arise. Strangely enough that would seem to be the policy that they have in mind not only in the Middle East but in Europe and America as well. By demonizing Islam and its followers an aura of fear and mistrust has been cultivated which will eventually lead to an outcry to 'purge the world' of this 'threat' that they have created.

As long as people continue to listen to the hyped up reports of 'radical Islamists' their 'final solution' remains on schedule. Please tell me the last time the media reported a Muslim lobbyist corrupting American politicians or a Muslim 'public relations organization' (read spy agency) obtaining classified documents on American soil and being set free. Maybe an instance of Muslim influences writing foreign policy beneficial to them.

They have their sights set on rebuilding the Third Temple which the Zionist 'christian' element believes will usher in the return of 'Christ' to take away the 'faithful', but upon further examination it would seem that they would be hard pressed to 'remove the log from their own eye' or 'fit that camel through the eye of a needle' (especially when it is accompanied by an Abrahms tank and an Apache helicopter).

Someone better tell Hagee, Falwell, and Robertson there's a hole in their boat and she's taking on water.... FAST.

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