Sunday, August 06, 2006

I am a Criminal

I am a criminal. But I am not just any ordinary criminal. You see I have not maimed, nor have I killed anyone. I have not embezzled, defrauded, or stolen anything from anyone. I have not spied or supported 'terrorism'. I have not done anything of that nature. But according to this I am classified as a criminal.

The World's Worst Internet Laws Sneaking Through the Senate
August 03, 2006
[Update: The Cybercrime Treaty was ratified by the Senatelate last night. The U.S. will now have to comply to requests for assistance from fifteen countries, and growing.]The Convention on Cybercrime is a sweeping treaty that has been waiting in the wings of the Senate for nearly three years. Now the administration is putting pressure on the Senate to ratify it in the next two days. If it does, it would mean the U.S. would enforce not just our own, but the rest of the world's bad Net laws. Call your Senator now, and ask them to hold its ratification.

The treaty requires that the U.S. government help enforce other countries' "cybercrime" laws - even if the act being prosecuted is not illegal in the United States. That means that countries that have laws limiting free speech on the Net could oblige the F.B.I. to uncover the identities of anonymous U.S. critics, or monitor their communications on behalf of foreign governments. American ISPs would be obliged to obey other jurisdiction's requests to log their users’ behavior without due process, or compensation.

Before long thoughts will be a crime. Ideas put down on paper or in 'blogs' will be considered 'lethal weapons'. With this piece of legislature they will hunt down ANYONE that dissents with their goals. The same laws that were used to imprison Zundel will be used to gather information and prosecute you and I for speaking out against what we believe to be unjust, corruptible, and wrong. By enacting this, 'free speech' will be limited not only to 'areas' but to those that subscribe to the party line.

I am NOT a 'holocaust denier'. I admit that a 'holocaust' did take place, but the facts have been repressed, obfuscated and blurred intentionally. I am not a 'white supremacist' or 'neo-Nazi'. I am not racist or a bigot. I am not an 'anti-Semite' nor do I agree with the radical policies of extremists. I am not a member of the 'christian Zionist' mainstream church and I don't hold their beliefs. Zionism is a racist ideology based on a supremacist mentality.

I DO believe in freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from oppressors.
I DO believe in freedom. Freedom to tell and hear the truth and EXPECT it from others.
I DO believe in freedom. Freedom to speak out against things that are wrong and destructive.
I DO believe in freedom. Freedom from hate, racism, and morally corrupt people.
I DO believe in freedom. Freedom to enjoy life and not live in fear of one's government.
I DO believe in freedom. Freedom to stand up for those that are in need of a voice.
Freedom. Unbound, uncensored, unimpeded.

I am a criminal, but not just any ordinary criminal. I am a criminal because I think and write in opposition to those that wield power over all of us. I am a criminal because I am not afraid of them and cannot be conformed into one of their supporters. I am a criminal because I stand against an administration that says,"You are either with us or you are with the 'terrorists'" and then proceeds to conduct themselves with such unimaginable perverse ruthlessness that they make the whole world blush with shame. I would gladly leave my name and address to save them the trouble of having to search for me but I won't....just yet. When dissent to corrupt practices that bleed our society dry are no longer allowed what can be said of our society and culture? When people are classified and investigated based solely on their thoughts and content of their writings then what has 'democracy and freedom' devolved to?

I am a criminal because I speak the truth.

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