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What if.....

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything you had thought was truth was a deception? A deception formed by people that stood to profit from your ignorance. Not just on one small area but every facet of your existence. Would you want to know or would you be content with the life you had before you got the glimpse of truth? Could you close your eyes and act as if nothing ever happened? What if you could see the ways that you had been deceived and the way that those that came before you were made to believe a lie? How valuable would the truth become? Would it make you change your habits? your routines? the way you talk or think or speak? Would it impact you or would you brush it off and carry on with business as usual?

What if after having woken up you decided to respond to that truth? What if you started studying history and world events and like a string of pearls events were no longer random but contained a sequence? What if that sequence was repeating? What if while studying these events they began to seem familiar?

This was my response to a poster on Holocaust denial-Zionist style:

"Oh the holocaust was real. How many is 'a' question that remains unsolved but they DID die. Hold on a second and keep reading before you count me out.

In Nazi Germany IBM was employed to 'create' a way to gather and process information pertaining to the 'Jews' to be interred, that is what the 'number' that was seared into their forearm was all about. What information resided at the other end of that number is what needs to be examined. The information was heritage, 'religious' affiliation, and whether or not they were accepting or opposing Zionism.

In excess of 80% of European Jewry was OPPOSED to ZIONISM and the creation of the Palestinian state of 'Israel'. That is where the 'halutzim' came in. The halutzim were the younger generation that was leaning towards Zionism and abandoning the ways of their fathers. The halutzim were preferable for the 'exodus' because they were the 'willing' workers which were to do the blue collar work to establish Palestinian 'Israel'. The older generations were adamant about assimilation and Zionists hated them worse than the Nazis. They were the ones that would prevent the creation of the Zionist state....unless something was done about them. The number, whatever it was, was of the assimilationists that made up 80% of European Jewry.

At this point you should be familiar with the teachings of Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau, Vladamir Jabotinsky, and the work of Sam Cohen. I would suggest The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black and Der Judenstaat to better understand some of the nuances of the pre-positioning of the holocaust that would later take place. Herzl's theory in the creation of the Zionist state was based on a 3 tiered plan; first the 'society of the Jews' which was the workers or halutzim and the 'principle' wealth that they held, second it was the 'Jewish company' which would oversee the transfer of the wealth and its investiture, lastly it was the 'aliyah' of the wealthy to preserve the 'elite'.

If you believe(or not) that the holocaust was merely about Hitler's (read Zionist) desire to purge Germany of its assimilated Jewish population then you aren't paying attention because the zionist plan worked more wonderfully than anything that Hitler could have ever conceived. Don't believe me? Sit back and watch.

Zionist desire was not limited to the eradication of the assimilated Orthodox Jewry that opposed the Zionist's realization of a state. They also wanted to destroy the German middle class which had done nothing but accept them into their society and divide the nation. What happened AFTER WWII? Germany was devastated and made to take responsibility of the war and repay unreasonable 'war reparations' AGAIN, it was also divided into democratic and socialist zones. Zionists would have said something along the lines of 'mission accomplished'.

Taking that information into account please apply it to modern events and American society and you will begin to see somewhat of a parallel if not exact."

I have spent a good deal of the last 2 years studying history with an emphasis on zionism and WW I&II, the banking system, Bolshevism, and America's relation to all of these events. I'm not just throwing out bits of information but well researched material. I'm not an expert but considering how much of history is indoctrination to nationalism and has little to nothing to do with 'education' nor truth a 'clean slate' may be preferable to one that's already full.

Yesterday qrswave posted this asking whether Hiz'b'allah was a Mossad operation or not. YES they are and as it was reported 'Israeli intelligence' has 'significantly infiltrated them'. They are behind Hamas as well according to this article. As well as 'al Qaeda'. So if it's not 'terrorists' we are fighting then who is it?

What if.......

What if as you were reading someones post you started to connect the dots? Let's consider something. In 1932 the Zionists were itching to have their 'state' at any cost, sparing no expense. They wanted to destroy the middle class Germans because their military was the strongest in the world and their culture and economy were among the world's finest. By this time Bolshevism, which was initiated by Zionist 'Jews' and Jacob Schiff had usurped the power of the U.S.S.R. so Germany was the last remaining power to oppose them. Well what about the United States you might ask. Well they had other plans for them/us.

In 1932 the Zionists were in negotiations with Germany for the transfer of 'jews' to Palestine, but certain elements were threatening a boycott. Zionists hated the assimilated Jews of Germany because with their influence they could successfully sway opinions to oppose the creation of the Zionist state. The Zionists from the beginning had no intention of 'saving' Jews that were opposed to Zionism which was the vast majority of European Jewry. The Zionist movement knew they were going nowhere until they could remove the opposition. But.....

What if you wanted to get even your opposition to help you attain your goals? Would that not add insult to injury?

Let's back up a bit before we proceed further. The report qrswave was quoting mentions most if not all of the 'Israelis' killed have been Arabs, but the headlines tell of how 'Israel' suffers from Hiz'b'allah attacks. Does it not add insult to injury to hear that the rockets are killing their own people, much in the way that most 'terrorist' attacks have been against Muslim populations instead of Zionist or American targets? The world certainly isn't dissecting the information they receive. So with this sensory overload no one can make heads or tails of it.....but let's break out the microscope.

What if....

In 1932 the Betar's uniforms were almost identical to the Germans in every detail. What if this was not a coincidence? What if during the lead up to the boycott and the claims of atrocities being committed by Hitler that there was an agent provocateur at work? What if Zionists, who already hated the assimilated Jews targeted them? Who would know the difference? Of course Hitler would deny it but the pictures and stories were on the front page, what about that? What would the persecuted Jew say to reporters asking questions? So even with their opposition to Zionism by feeding the 'anti-Semitic' fever with their 'atrocity story' they were helping the Zionist movement to reach their goal of aliyah to Palestine.

Hard to swallow? Consider the deaths of the Arabs in 'Israel'. I could see perhaps one instance being coincidental but its not. And who knows how many more there are. How could so many Arabs possibly be killed by accident by a rocket that has absolutely no reliability or aiming mechanism? The sheer improbability of one rocket inflicting so much damage to like winning the lottery. Hiz'b'allah becomes the focus and their deeds are hard to refute because these people are REALLY dead. But who is benefiting from their deaths? If they do in fact control both sides of the conflict then who beside the Lebanese and Palestinians are their victims? You and I and our 'opinion', our voice, our opposition to their wickedness. Remember the silence of the assimilated Jews of Europe. They never had a chance to figure out what was happening before it was too late. Connect the dots before it's too late.

The 'holocaust denial' movement can be deceptive. People did die, but not the people that we are told died. Those that died opposed the Zionist creation of 'Israel' and the state is the evidence because their voices were silenced. What if this wasn't the first time they used this tactic? What if this was one of only many in the arsenal of 'deception'?

What if.......

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